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3D FBC Red Bundle

$170.00 Precio
$120.00Precio de oferta

A full FBC bundle including 1 of each item in our red FBC 3D Collection for a special discounted bundle price.


 - FBC 3D Hat

- FBC 3D T-shirt

- FBC 3D Sweat shorts

- FBC 3D Zip up 

- Value of $170+

  • Product description

    This bundle will bring a fresh life to your closet! Providing you top to bottom garments this bundle provides you with a full FBC fit to style to your liking! At a better value then buying everything seperate you can pick and style the garments to create your perfect FBC Fit. This bundle will immediately step up your closet and bring all eyes on you when you step into any room!

  • Washing instructions

    Wash all items inside out in a cold machine cycle, Air dry after to prevent damaging to puff print. Machine drying will effect the puff print! 

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