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About ForeverBagChasing

Who are we?

Ever since our beginning in 2019, we've strived to provide high quality products at an affordable price to our customers. Now that we embark into the apparel industry we want to provide a seamless shopping experience. Bringing you limited collections with different themes to always remind yourself of the FBC message. With our focus on creating the perfect shopping experience, We'll always holding true to our founders' ideals, making sure that both our clothing and our service are always of the highest quality.


ForeverBagChasing is for hustlers, entrepreneurs and anybody who wants to pave their own way for themselves. Our garments are for people who appreciate unique designs and top-quality pieces to always remind them to stay motivated. We want to spread our message of staying ForeverBagChasing through every garment we bring you. The Bag you chase can be any goal or achievement you set out for yourself, the message is to take action and never stop chasing that goal regardless of the challenges you may face.  We take pride in living and breathing our  message, from the day we started our brand we have faced many setbacks, challenges and losses but we have never let it stop us from picking the pieces back up, playing the cards were dealt and staying Forever Bag Chasing. We are proud to bring you stylish and exclusive Clothing to remind you to never give up on your dreams and to always stay ForeverBagChasing.  

At ForeverBagChasing, shopping is about more than what you buy. It's a complete journey, from browsing to choosing your outfit to letting us know what you think of your final purchase. We're here to help you enjoy yourself, so please feel free to reach out with questions, comments and suggestions.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is to continue to inspire the youth through our clothing, our message and journey, to show that through never giving up there is always alternative routes to reaching success in today's society. We will someday open up youth development centers all across the U.S. to introduce and teach the youth about creating/building their own fashion & clothing brands.

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